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Instagram Tips || Choosing The Best Hashtags

February 23, 2020

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to create a new series for my blog called ‘Instagram Tips’ where I’m going to be doing numerous different posts on my tips for Instagram. I think especially at the moment with Instagram’s constantly changing algorithms and new updates, it can seem like a bit of a confusing place! I myself feel like I’m only just starting to understand it, even after using it for almost 3 years.  Before I start, I just want to quickly say that all the tips are just what has worked for my own personal Instagram and while I’d like to hope that they’d work for everyone else, there is no guarantee! That being said, for today’s blog post, I thought I’d do it on hashtags. I feel like I only really realised the importance of hashtags for growing my account until a year ago. When used right, they can really help to increase the exposure of your post and therefore gain you more followers. Here are a few tips that helped me to find and start using the right hashtags:


  1. Using a mixture of both small and large hashtags

At the beginning, I used to mostly use large, generic hashtags with over 1 million hits or more such as #love or #makeup. While a few of these are good(I’d recommend around  5 – 7 per image) because they help you get immediate interaction on your post and give you a very large exposure, they mean your post gets swallowed up very quickly as SO many people are posting on them. I’d then recommend around 8-10 medium hashtags(under 1 million hits) as it will give you steady interaction throughout the day but your post will still eventually drop to the bottom and be pretty much hidden which is where the smaller, niche hashtags come in. I’d recommend about 8-10 of the smaller hashtags (under 100,000 hits). These are so good because people with a similar category/interest to you will look through that hashtag and hopefully find your post and interact with it.

  1. Using hashtags that relate to your post

It’s all well and good using a mixture of small, medium and large hashtags but if they don’t relate to your post, you probably won’t get much engagement at all. It’s really important to use hashtags that link to your post because the people that are looking at posts under that hashtag will probably only be interested in posts that relate closely to it. For example, if you have a post on pink, I Heart Revolution blushes, it’s a good idea to use hashtags like #pinkblush #iheartrevolution #blush as it links closely to the image.

  1. Finding Good Hashtags

One of the things I find the most helpful for finding good hashtags is firstly looking at images similar to your own and then seeing what the influencer used as their hashtags for the post. I wouldn’t recommend copying every single hashtag that they used for that image but rather copying a few of them. I find it helpful to create a notes section on my phone with different categories (e.g. interior, beauty, flatlay etc.) and then putting all the hashtags that I’ve seen people use for them. Another helpful way of finding hashtags is when you click on a hashtag(see below for a visual example), it comes up with a dropdown beneath saying ‘recommended’ and then lots of similar hashtags which I find really useful because you end up with around 10 similar hashtags you can use.

4. Changing it up

While it is definitely a lot easier to have 30 hashtags on your notes which you can copy and paste into each image, I’ve found that after a while they start to not work as well. The Instagram algorithm seems to favour images with different hashtags each time and therefore increases your exposure, so your post is more likely to come up at the top of the ‘trending’ page on hashtags. I’d definitely recommend alternating between the hashtags you use each time you post an image. I’m not saying only use a hashtag once and never use it again but rather use different combinations of hashtags and don’t use the same one 5 days in a row.

5. Use ALL your hashtags

Although 30 hashtags can seem like quite a lot to find, I would definitely recommend using all 30 of them because it gives you the best chance of increasing your exposure. 


I hope you found this blog post helpful and that it wasn’t too rambly! Let me know your best tip for hashtags in the comments.

Rebecca Rose x

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