Honest NYK1 Review||Fake Tan, Peel Off Mask and Lash Growing Serum

July 21, 2019

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday. For todays blog post, I thought I’d do a review on some products that NYK1 kindly gifted to me about a month ago. The products I’m going to be reviewing are a clear fake tan and applicator, a lash serum to grow and thicken your lashes and a peel off charcoal face mask for removing blackheads. Let me know which product would be your favourite!


Remove-One Skin Force Exfoliating Black Bamboo Charcoal Peel Off Mask – £16.99

This face mask is such a fun one to apply! I love using peel off face masks. I found that this face mask really did work well at removing blackheads, especially off my nose. I left it on for around 20 minutes and it comes off really well and quickly, although it is a bit painful! This face mask is also said to remove dead skin cells from the face and I really felt as though it did. My face looked visibly brighter after using it and more radiant. I’ll definitely be repurchasing.

DSC_0894DSC_0900Tanforce Self-Tanning Mousse with Mega Mitt applicator – £32.95

I was very intrigued to try out this self-tanning mousse because it was completely clear and mess free so it doesn’t stain any sheets or pyjamas. It was very easy and simple to apply, especially with the applicator and also didn’t smell funny like a lot of fake tans do. However, I did find that the fake tan itself did look quite streaky on my legs and was a lot darker around the knee area compared to the rest of the leg. Although my legs did look a lot darker and more tanned, the tan wasn’t very even so I’d say to be very careful to apply evenly when putting the fake tan on.

DSC_0897NYK1 Lash Force Growth Serum – £34.95

You apply this lash serum to the lash line every evening to ‘maximise growth for eyelashes and eyebrows’. I’ve been applying this for around 4 weeks and I really have noticed a difference. My lashes are looking a lot thicker and have grown a little bit longer. It literally takes about 5 seconds to apply and does actually make a big difference. I’m yet to try this on my eyebrows because my eyebrows are already quite thick however I’ve seen other influencers say it’s great for eyebrows too.


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