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20 Mother’s Day Gifts That Won’t Cost a Penny

March 31, 2019

Hi everyone! Happy Mother’s Day, I hope you’re all having a lovely day. As much as I love treating my mum to a bunch of flowers or a new candle, I thought it would be nice to share some meaningful gift ideas that don’t require any money. I think celebrations like this can become so commercialised and there is a great pressure put upon how much money you spend, when really something that’s free but requires a little more time and effort is a lot more meaningful. Here are 20 thoughtful gift ideas that you can treat your mother to today.

  1. Make her breakfast in bed
  2. Bake her favourite cake
  3. Make a scrapbook of your favourite memories together
  4. Write her something special
  5. Run her a BIG bubble bath
  6. Go for a nice walk together and have a picnic
  7. Let her have a lie in
  8. Do all the chores for her(washing, changing sheets etc.)
  9. Write her coupons that she can use
  10. Make her a fancy lunch/dinner with all her favourite foods
  11. Give her a hug
  12. Watch her favourite film and have a movie evening together
  13. Make a meaningful card
  14. Pick some wild flowers and put them in a mason jar for her
  15. Look through old photos and memories together and reminisce
  16. Set up a pamper evening for her: I’m talking candles, face masks and a book
  17. Print out and decorate your favourite photo of you two
  18. Make her a cup of tea
  19. Tell her how much you love her
  20. Change her bedimg_7896img_7942

Rebecca Rose x

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