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Benefit Brow and Blush Products Review

January 13, 2019

For Christmas, I was enough lucky to receive lots of Benefit goodies(a blush set and an eyebrow set) so I thought I’d do a review on them. Spoiler: I LOVE them. I’ve reviewed each of the products in each set and ranked my top 3. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the Benefit products and, if so, what you think of them. DSC_0122

Benefit Brow Set Review –

DSC_0136Benefit Ka-Brow – This is my favourite brow product! It essentially works as a brow pomade and is just perfect for filling in my brows. The top of it extends as a long angled brush to use to fill in your eyebrows and it’s perfect for getting a good shape on your eyebrow.DSC_0130Goof Broof Brow Pencil – This is perfect for filling in your eyebrows if you’re in a rush. The applicator is the perfect shape for quickly adding some shape and definition to your eyebrows whilst still giving them a natural look.DSC_0133Precisely My Brow Pencil – This is basically a mini, thinner version of the Goof Proof Brow Pencil and it’s definitely more precise. This is perfect for if you have a particularly sparse area of your eyebrows and it always makes them look a lot fuller and less sparse.DSC_0145Gimme Brow – This is another one of my favourites from the set and it’s perfect for running through your eyebrows after you have finished filling them in. It really sets my eyebrow products in place and stops them from coming off halfway through the day!DSC_0138Benefit FoolProof Brow Powder – I love that this powder has 2 different shades, one for the front of your eyebrow and one for the end. It’s perfect for getting a more natural gradient for your eyebrow and the brush works perfectly.

My Top 3 Products From The Brow Set:

1 – Benefit Ka-Brow

2 – Gimme Brow

3 – Precisely My Brow Pencil

Benefit Mini Brush and Bronzer Set:

I absolutely love the Benefit mini blushes and bronzers because they last for ages even though they are minis and they’re perfect for travelling with.DSC_0132Hoola Bronzer – This is my ultimate fav bronzer! It is really blendable and perfect for adding a healthy glow to my face. I also use this bronzer for contour and it works perfectly. DSC_0139Hoola Lite – As much as I love the Hoola bronzer, I find that especially during winter months when I’m paler, it can sometimes be a bit dark. This is perfect to use instead and also works well when contouring as the lighter shade.DSC_0129California – This is a really pretty shade and perfect for adding a healthy glow to my cheeks. I also use this on my eyes and it works perfectly as an eyeshadow.DSC_0141Dandelion – This is a face powder and it’s perfect for adding a healthy glow to your face, especially during winter when my skin can look a bit dull and lifeless.DSC_0131Rock – I love the texture – it’s really smooth and silky and it is a gorgeous rose gold shade. It gives my cheeks a rosy gold and it stays on all day.DSC_0142Gold Rush  – This blusher/highlight is so pretty and I think it would be perfect for summer. It has subtle golden flecks which add a gorgeous glow and, although you have to apply a few layers to get a good colour, I really like this blush.


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