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How to Take The ‘Perfect Flatlay’

July 15, 2018

I love a good flatlay and I’ve been taking quite a few of them over the past year and definitely picked up a few tips along the way. I don’t think my flatlays are anywhere near ‘perfect’ but I thought I’d share how I take my flatlays and hopefully give you some inspo!

Step 1 – Find a good surface in a bright spot

My favourite place to take flatlay is below my bedroom window because I have a fairly large white area which is in the direct sunlight. The more sun you have, the better: it really improves the quality of the picture and also means you don’t have to do as much editing later on. If you don’t have a particularly bright spot then you could invest in some artificial lighting or a soft box.

Step 2 – Add your main texture/print

I either like to use blankets, wallpaper, wrapping paper or a jumper for this part, depending on the type of picture I’m going for. I simple choose my print (this time I used pink blanket) and put it on around half of the white space.

Step 3 – Add another texture

For this step I like to use an item with more texture, like a scarf. I ended up using a pink magazine page which I think worked well and matched the picture. I use a slightly smaller section of this texture and overlap it with the first print.

Step 4 -Start adding your main objects

I then add the main items to the flatlay. For example, if I was doing a blog post on my 3 Favourite Books, then I’d put them on. I usually play about with how I lay them out for a bit until I’m happy with how it looks

Step 5 – Add smaller details

I then add smaller objects and trinkets to add more volume and texture to the picture. I normally use flowers, rings, smaller makeup bits, poloraids, mini quotes/cards and earrings.

Step 6 – Add fairy lights

I don’t always do this but sometimes I like to add fairy lights to my flatlay. I think it makes it look prettier and I love it when you’re doing close-ups of the products and they blur in the background.

Step 7 – Edit the Flatlay

I never used to do this but I always edit my flatlay. It really enchances the photo and you can bring out the best parts of the picture. I edit my photos on VSCO Cam and I normally do the following:

HB2 +7/8






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