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Instagram Guide to The Amalfi Coast

June 13, 2018

Hey everyone! I feel like I’ve not been on my blog for agess and it feels SO nice to be back on the sofa with a cup of tea, writing blog posts. I’ve recently been on holiday to Sorrento, Italy and I had the BEST time and lived on pizza, pasta, espressos and pastries. We stayed in and air b&b, we’d never been in one before, and the street it was on was beautiful and really authentic. I t was nice to be away from all the tourists and actually have to speak a bit of Italian! It was so pretty and photogenic so I obviously I took a few a LOT of photos during the holiday. I thought I’d put together a little Instagram guide on the best places to go and some tips. Enjoy!

Capri –

I would definitely recommend going here because it’s SO pretty and you also get to see the biggest natural archway. I would recommend getting to the island by a yacht because that way you get to see the best bits of the island. We decided to go on a day trip there(you get a boat ride to and from the island, swim in the sea, get free drinks and lunch provided and 4 hours free time in Capri) and it worked perfectly! There is also a blue grotto which looks so beautiful and you can get a boat there but the only problem is that there’s a long waiting time to get in. You can then get a taxi or bus up the hill(it takes about 5 minutes) and there are lots of pretty shops, restaurants and little streets to explore with a beautiful view. There is also a beach at the bottom of the island which is SO blue and clear. Tip: bring sandals/sea shoes if you are looking to go in the sea because it is quite rocky on the ocean floor.

Image result for capri blue grotto

Blue Grotto

Photo opportunities Capri – 

  • By the natural archway
  • Dolce and Gobanna’s House
  • On the yacht/swimming in the sea(the water is SO BLUE AND CLEAR)
  • In a little side street(there are so many of them and all look very Italian)
  • At the top of the island there is a square with a beautiful view(see picure below)

Sorrento –

As we were staying just outside Sorrento, we got to explore this the most and I loved it! I would definitely walk down all the little side streets because they are filled with shops and stalls selling local foods and trinkets. They also have SO MANY good restaurants and cafes so you won’t be short of somewhere to eat! I would also recommend going to Gelataria Primavera for some gelato because it was the best gelato ever!! They have so many different ice cream shops in Sorrento with so many different flavours so you can’t go wrong. There are also lots of smaller side streets that are a lot quieter for if you want to take some photos without a massive crowd. If you’re looking for something to eat, we went to Vico San Casareo for lunch and it did great pasta and also desserts. It was also nice to be seated outside, but in the shade and you still have a view of the streets and shops. We also went to to Fuoro in the evening. I would definitely recommend going in the evening because it has a really good atmosphere and there are lots of pretty lights. Tip: book a table because a lot of the restaurants are quite busy, especially in the evenings. In the main square of Sorrento(Piazza Torquato Tasso 15) there is a beautiful view-point – see picture below – which you can’t miss.

Photo opportunities:

  • With your ice cream
  • Down the side streets
  • The lemon/trinket stalls
  • At the beautiful view-point of Sorrento(Piazza Torquato)

Positano –

This was by far the prettiest place I’ve ever been to! There were so many picturesque views and places and the sea was beautiful. I’d recommend getting a bus/taxi to Positano and then walk down to the beach via the shops. There are plenty of view points on the way down and it takes around 45 minutes to walk down(including window shopping). There are lots of restaurants and cafes but they are quite pricey! We went to Via dei Mulini and I had THE BEST PIZZA EVER – it was flavoured perfectly and the dough was amazing!! They also had the best desserts menu and a beautiful view(see photos below). The beach is very hot(there isn’t much shade) but when you get into the sea you get a beautiful view of Positano and the sea is really warm.

Photo Ideas:

  • At one of the view points at the top of the island
  • Walking down the steps
  • The beautiful sea

Rebecca Rose x

instagram – thatrebeccarose

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    This is really an informative post, Rebecca. And love all the photos! 😍😍😍😍 You clearly had such an amazing time! Xx.

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    beautiful photos – what an amazing experience 🙂

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      Thank you, it definitely was an unforgettable trip💕

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    Wish I knew this when I went to the amalfi coast!

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