My Current Skincare Routine

April 25, 2018

Lately, I’ve been trying to have a proper skincare routine that I stick to each night so I’ve discovered a few new products. I thought I’d share with you my current skincare and do a little review on each one of them.

The Fab Pore Soap and Glory Skincare – I’ve only recently discovered the Soap and Glory skincare range and I’m OBSESSED. All the products that I’e tried out so far are really good and this was one of my favourites. It really foams up when you put it on your skin and leaves my skin feel very clean and fresh.

Nivea 1 minute Urban Detox Mask – I saw an advert for this on TV and I couldn’t wait ot try it out. You only leave it on for 1 minute and it leaves my skin feel very soft and exfoliated. I don’t do this every night but I do it around 3 times a week.

Formula Radience Reveal Peel – I love using this becuase I can really see a difference and it’s fun to apply. You rub it into a cleansed face until it starts to turn into a powder-like consistency before washing of. It makes my skin feel SO soft afterwards and works as an exfoliater.

Balance me Facial Oil – I use this occasionally when my skin is feeling dry. It really works and leaves my skin feel A LOT more hydrated then before. I also love the smell of it, the scent is quite floral and very relaxing.

Nivea Night Cream – I’ve been using this cream for around 2 years and you JUST CAN’T BEAT IT!! It is hyrating, leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh but also very light when you apply it. I would 100% recommend.


Rebecca Rose x


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