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Spring Essentials

April 22, 2018

Now Spring has finally rolled round, the days are gettnig longer and the Beast From The East has ~finally~ gone, I thought I’d do a Spring themed blog post. Here is a round up of all the products/ clothing items that I use in Spring, plus a few random items too!cbce586e-48ed-4e83-aca4-7ef89e405cc0


Victoria Secret Velvet Petals – I love the Victoria Bodys sprays and I feel like this scent is perfect for Spring. It is very floral an has some vanilla tones to it.

Bath and Bodyworks Fragrance Mix– This body spray is perfect for Spring just by looking at it! I LOVE the yellow colour of it and it’s a very fresh, floral scent.


Mini Eggs – It’s not Easter without a packet(or 10) of these! I LOVE eating these whilst watching a film or with some Saturday night TV.

Chocolate Eggs – Obviously Easter is a man part of Spring and me and my sister were lucky to receive quite a few chocolate eggs!! They are one of my fav parts of Spring.

dsc_0214.jpgdsc_0173.jpgWaitrose Chick Mug – I saw this in Waitrose and I couldn’t resist! It always makes me smile every time I use this mug and I’m OBSESSED with the colour of it.dsc_0172.jpgM&S Pomegranite, Rose and Sumac infusion tea bags – On the subject of mugs – I’ve been loving these tea bags from M&S. They are very fruity and the flavours go together really well. The flavour is quite strong so you can really taste the fruits.

DSC_0166Benefit Roller Lash – I LOVE the applicator because it really seperates and lengthens the lashes and it’s not clumpy AT ALL!!

Makeup Revoluion Conceal and Define Concealer – I made a WHOLE blog post about this concealer that you can find here and I’ve been using it pretty much every day. I find that in Spring/ Summer I usually just use a concealer instead of foundation so this is perfect.

Nivea Light Moisturising Day Cream – This has been my go-to moisturiser for about 3 years but I use it even more in Spring/Summer! It’s really light when your put it on your face and it also has SPF 15 in it, so perfect for when the sun comes out.

Autograph Hydrating Primer –  This is perfect for those days when you forget to put moisturiser on but want to do your makeup. It isn’t too heavy and dries into your face very quickly so you can start dong your makeup.

Spring Glade Candle – This has a really fresh,floral scent and I love the Spring pictures on the outside of the candle.

No Rules New Look Jumper – For the most of Spring, I’m still wearing jumpers thanks to the UK weather! I loved the colour of this jumper and it goes with SO many things(pinafore, jeans, skirts).

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I thought I’d try and do something a bit different. Let me know in the comments what your favourite Spring Essential is!

Rebecca Rose x

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