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DIY Advent Calendar~12 days of RebeccaRose

December 1, 2017

🎄Day 1 of 12 days of RebeccaRose🎄

DSC_2080DSC_2079 This year, I thought it would be nice to do something a little different to the classic chocolate advent calendar. I got the idea for this advent calendar from Zoella’s vlogmas and it looked like so much fun! It’s like doing a treasure hunt everyday. You basically get a riddle each day and then find the advent present. You can use whatever presents you want. You can do chocolate presents, things that you’ve baked, stocking fillers, things to decorate the house with at Christmas and the list goes on! I went for a variety of different things. I’ve yet to begin the treasure hunt however it looks fantastic! It’s a nice alternative to a classic advent calendar and you can put whatever you want in it! Here is some ideas of making your own and how I made my advent calendar.

DSC_2082Advent Present Ideas: You don’t have to spend a lot on it. You could hide chocolate coins or baked goods for a cheaper option. However, if you wanted it to be a bit more luxury you could add some nice Christmas pyjamas, Christmas books or even a White Company Winter candle. It’s also nice to personalise the present depending on the person you’re doing it for. For example, if they liked photography, you could get them a memory card or lens.

  • chocolate coins
  • baked biscotti, biscuits or any of festive foods
  • Christmas book/film
  • Christmas jumper/pjs
  • an inspirational quote/ nice letter
  • a Christmas candle
  • homemade pout pourri
  • a Christmas home-ware itemDSC_2084

Decoration ideas: You can decorate the advent calendar however you like, the possibilities are endless! I wrote the riddles on gift tags and then strung them on string with cute Christmas pegs. I also added a Christmas garland in the middle to make it look a bit more festive. It took a Sunday afternoon to do it all, including writing the riddles but it was quite enjoyable. I found a lot of my ideas on Pinterest, you can find the board here: https://pin.it/7qleYkBDSC_2096Riddles: Here are some of the riddles I used but it’s quite easy to make up your own:

  • Santa Claus lives in the cold North Pole, the next clue can be found in a ______(bowl)
  • To find your clue you will need to look, inside one of your favourite_______(book)
  • Holly leaves are green, and the berries are red, the next clue can be found under your ______(bed)Clues for creating a puzzle hunt Morehttps://pin.it/c5Lefq6

I used a lot of these clues but took out the last word so they had to guess!

I hope you liked the first post of 12 days of RebeccaRose. Christmas is my favourite time of the year so it only seemed right to do some Christmas themed blog posts! I put up my tree yesterday and decorated my room with festive bedding. I feel so ready for Christmas now! Have you decorated for Christmas yet? If so, how did you decorate it?

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Rebecca x

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    December 1, 2017 at 11:16 am

    I love this idea! I so hope to do this myself when I have my own house one day. Some great ideas lovely ❤️

    • Reply
      December 1, 2017 at 6:56 pm

      Thank you! I would definitely recommend giving it a go🤗X

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