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How to Host:Unicorn Party

October 11, 2017

It was recently my sister’s birthday and she insisted upon having a unicorn party. I was actually happy with this because I love planning parties and getting loads of cute decorations. We made quite a lot of the decorations ourselves and I made some Unicorn cupcakes which actually turned out quite well. It was really fun to set up and she had a great time. Most of the ideas we got of Pinterest – there are more pictures on Unicorn parties then you think! We got most of the decorations of Amazon but I’ll link them all anyway.

DSC_1341We made party bags by getting plain *paper boxes of Amazon and adding felt decorations to it to make them look like a unicorn. We then added the eyes on using a black marker. These turned out really well and looked so cute. Although it took quite a while to make them it was definitely worth it!


DSC_1359Unicorn Cupcakes – I just made a normal cupcake recipe found in *Tanya bakes but just jazzed up the icing. For the icing I made a vanilla buttercream and then separated it into 3 bowls. I then added a little bit of food dye to make pastel colours and added them all to a piping bag. Finally, I added some edible glitter on top. It created a beautiful marbled effect, a bit like a unicorn.

Unicorn Marshmallow Bites – We used this recipe from the internet and they turned out brilliantly. To finish them of, I drizzled some melted white chocolate over the top to make it look a bit more professional.

DSC_1362*Unicorn *plates and *napkins – Amazon

DSC_1363Party Food:

  • sandwiches
  • humus and red pepper wrap
  • crisps
  • mini sausage rolls
  • spring rolls
  • rainbow jelly
  • cupcakes
  • marshmallow bites
  • chocolate fingers
  • crudites
  • mini pizzas

DSC_1365We decided to do pink lemonade for drinks. We have a drink dispenser so served it in there. We found some drink glitter in Lakeland and it made the lemonade shimmer and go gold. We served the drink in *milk bottles and added some cute gold foil straws. The drinks looked AMAZING and I will definitely be using the drink glitter again.


We got this unicorn cake from Asda and it looked AMAZING! It was a Victoria sponge inside and was very nice. We were originally going to bake one but we thought we might as well buy one because it looked so good.

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I hope this gave you some inspo for hosting a unicorn party or any other occasion. I love organising a celebration, I find it so fun and satisfying.

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Rebecca x

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