How To Pack For a Winter Holiday

Happy Sunday! I’m going on holiday to Canada in a few days time and I can’t wait! I’ve never visited before or been skiing so it’s even more exciting. I like to be quite organised when it comes to packing for holidays, because then it means that I’m not leaving behind any essentials. I thought in this blog post, I’d share my tips on how to pack for a cold/skiing holiday.

Tip 1 – Take Pictures/Plan Outfits That You’re Going To Wear

Now, I know some people might find this a bit extra but trust me, it makes such a difference. I love planning my outfits out because it means I don’t have to think about what I’m wearing when I’m on holiday and I can also think about exactly what I’m packing/what accessories I need to take with me to match each outfit.

Tip 2 – Choose 3-5 Staples and Base All Your Outfits Around These

Especially if you’re going skiing and need to take all your skiing gear as well as your day-to-day clothes, I find packing minimally to be really helpful. I pick around 3-5 wardrobe staples and then make outfits out of all of them. For example my ‘staples’ are a pair of jeans, a black skater skirt, a beige a-line skirt and a pair of leggings. I then use different accessories/tops to change these outfits up and voila, I have around 12 different outfits.

Tip 3 – Write A List Of Everything You Need To Pack

This is SO essential. I always find that when I don’t write a list, I forget at least 1 essential. Split your list into different sections: underwear, clothing, coats, shoes and others and tick off when you’ve packed each item so you never forget one.

Tip 4 – Remember The Essentials

Do you ever get that feeling when your on the plane and you realise you’ve forgotten something really important like your toothbrush or charger?! I know I have. Write yourself a list of all the absolute essentials: toothbrush, toothpaste, phone, I-pad/laptop, charger, camera, book, Polaroid, diary etc. so you don’t forget them.img_8425

Tip 5 – Pack At Least A Week Before You Set Off

I like to start packing at least a week before I set off because there’s always one thing that I completely forget to buy so at least if I pack a week before, I have some time to buy it. It also means I can enjoy packing a bit more so it’s not a massive last-minute rush.

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