Back To School Stationary Haul

With September just around the corner, I thought it was only right to do a back-to-school themed blog post. I LOVE stationary, so every time a new school year comes around, I find it the perfect excuse to have a stationary splurge. I find it so exciting opening a new notebook or set of highlighters and it gets me that little bit more excited for starting school again, even after 6 weeks of holiday and no work! It also motivates me to get a little bit more organised, although, let’s be honest, that only lasts for about 3 days! Here is a little haul of some new stationary I’ve recently bought.892c3c0d-9876-407f-b52c-e1d2e3bac018DSC_1556DSC_1560DSC_1591DSC_15902aca332d-0d31-41ba-8914-c3b509504758


Wilko Pink Folder

Wilko ‘Your Only Limit Is You’ Folder

Wilko ‘Your Only Limit Is You’ Revision Cards

Bic Metallic Biros

WHSmith Whiteboard Markers

Wilko Subject Dividers

WHSmith Pastel Folders

Rebecca Rose x

instagram – thatrebeccarose

pinterest – rebeccarose_2017


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